Strength Part 1

It occurred to me the monumental amount of strength it takes to function on this earth.
I was watching a movie and in this movie there were many soldiers that had to watch their general die. You could consider that here, the word general also means best friend. That is to say that these soldiers were very close to their general. The kind of close that leaves a gap in your soul and tears through your mind like a tornado would a straw house. You have questions that never get answered, nights that never end and food that makes you ill. Experiencing this over and over had long been my life but now I’m interested in the finding strength when all seems lost, so that I may strive toward my bright future and goals.

Consider a day. If normal and effective, you’d wake up and eat breakfast at an alarmingly slow rate. Perhaps you’d leave your dishes in the sink or clean them on the spot if you have time. I like to make my bed at this point, then it’s time for a shower and roughly 30 minutes of other morning rituals. Now you’re dressed with your pockets full of daily necessities and you endeavor to begin daily production. It is possible, as it is for me much of the time, that instead of a proper ‘nine to fiver’ you attend school, work or have any number of projects.

Some time passes when your stomach reminds you what time of day it is. (Note: remember that eating breakfast actually increases appetite and metabolism.) So you eat lunch, more than likely within a specific amount of time and hopefully not alone. Depending on how many commitments you have in your life, you may find yourself back with the job or project you were at previously or doing something completely different. A few more hours of hard work and you discover a magnificent feeling: accomplishment. Then sun is still up and traffic is unforgiving but you are ecstatic to say that you have had a successful and productive day.

Now we rest. Unwind as your day comes to an end and get comfortable with family and friends (unless you’re a bachelor like me.) If you’re like me, your evening will also include some small cleaning tasks and organization. Suffice it so say, though, that all mentioned events preceding this paragraph are a normal day. Now take the pain I mentioned earlier and inject in anywhere you’d like. Imagine it, go ahead, I’ll wait.

I do apologize for the image you are now experiencing however I would consider it foolish to ignore reality and dismiss this notion: Without some source of unwavering strength, your normal day would collapse. I’ve experienced it and I’m sure you’ve experienced it. You feel the pain and at first it’s uncomfortable just a small nag, but without answering that feeling, it grows within you. At breakfast the bad news hardly entered your ears and now at lunch or dinner or the next day it seems to be all you can think about and all you can feel. It consumes you when you don’t have the strength to fight it.

Then I found an infinite source of strength. I’d like to now direct your attention to Nehemiah 8:10. It’s very possible that you’ve heard this: The joy of the Lord is my strength. That’s so simple and encouraging! In God’s joy, I have strength! In context, I could even further blow your mind, however I believe I’ll save that for another (or next) time.

Thank you for your Love and Support




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