Listen to me replay the broken record which declares that Christianity is not a religion…


I do not, by necessity, need anything from anyone to fulfill my relationship with God– this simple fact is the main thing about my “christian” life that seems to differ from what other people report to have experienced.

My “religion” takes new forms day to day, not because God changes (He doesn’t) but because I change and the world around me changes. He leads me to do different things at different times because that’s either what I need or what someone around me needs. Lately it’s been a lot about what He needs from me so that I can be effective for Him to those around me.

He needs me to get my act together, eat right, exercise; be disciplined in my studies, my finances, my writing, my relationships with others and so on, not to fulfill a requirement but to fulfill a purpose. A purpose that I am fully agreeable to, but at present am certainly unprepared for, and I am unprepared because I have yet to allow God to prepare me for it.

If I were to need something from the world around me, from society, from the government, even my parents, friends or other loved ones, it would ruin the most beautiful aspect of my relationship with God– it is personal. Completely and absolutely between He and I. Whatever purpose He imparts to me within this relationship, I want to be ready for it.


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