Who am I?

I am part of a race, made by a divine and perfect being. I have within me the image of that creator, surely. How could a creation not somehow bare the mark of its maker?However, I ┬áhave also in me hatred, lust, pride, and every sinful thing. My thoughts are impure, my actions are selfish, and my character is full of itself. “Create in me, Oh God, a pure heart… Do not cast me away from your presence,” for though I am not deserving of you, all I am within me craves the perfection of your love and the pleasure of your countenance. God, I want to know you but
Who am I?
This question weighs on my soul, brings me to tears and withdraws every ounce of will I have as a offering unto you. Any part of who I am, surely, every part of who I am is yours. How do I truly surrender it to you, God. I must know. I must know the secret of your sanctification so I may never be apart from you. How do I know you, and how do I know
Who am I?
“I will hide your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” I will seek you, as you call unto me past the deep into the deep’s deepest deep. I want nothing more than to follow you and sit at your feet. I cannot contain the weight of who you are, but since you insist on calling unto me, what can I do? what can I say?
Who am I?
When you call, surely I must answer, and I must seek to serve you. If I do not answer, what then? If I do not answer how will I follow? “My sheep know my voice.” God, I know you and I want to know you more. Help me know you more. I want nothing more than to know you, and embrace your love and life everlasting. God, I need you. I am a slave to you and how great a master are you. Much better your love and grace than death and destruction. Evenstill,
Who am I,
that you would redeem me from the grasp of the evil one. Your revelation to me of the truth and freedom from the prison of lies is a mystery to me. How is it that you saw fit to sacrifice your all for me?
Who am I?
I am… a recipient of “the spirit of adoption, by whom I CRY ABBA.” Daddy, God, tell me your secrets. What are your plans, I want to help you. Make me a servant to your Kingdom. I choose to follow you and serve you. I want to know you. God, I want to know you.

“You are the God who knows and loves me. The God of David, The Rock of Ages. You are the King who dwells above me, The King of Zion, The Might Lion.


One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Son, spoken like a true David! the Lord knew you before you were born and He named you accordingly. His grace is sufficient and His Holy Spirit guides us in all we do! I love you son.


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