Consumed|Baptized Pt. 2

It is my prayer to be consumed by God.

I want to look around and see nothing but him. When you look around what do you see? If you are baptized in his spirit, everywhere you look, you should see Him. You should see his love, his works, and his spirit. If your whole being is not entirely in him, then how can you know where you are? If you see him only from a distance, how can you know where He really is? If you look up from your day’s work, then you should know where he is – He will always be as near to you as you will beckon Him to be. If you want him near you, call him. He is an awesome God, and he knows you. He KNOWS you and he loves you and he wants you to be near to him. Submerge yourself entirely in everything that He is, for he cannot help you if you are not completely baptized in him.

Allow yourself to become consumed by the flame of his Holy Spirit and the courage of his Love. Cry out to him in mourning, and rejoice in victory. Boldly approach His throne from which he reigns in Love.

He will not force you into his love, nor into his presence. He invites us, and he calls us, absolutely, but it is nothing more than an invitation, a call. You have to RSVP, you have to answer the call. You have to exercise the free will that he gave you and jump into everything that He is.


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